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Dragon's Blood Sage Smudge Stick

Faiza Naturals

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Faiza Natural Dragons Blood Sage -  Dragons Blood Smudge Stick for Cleansing Negative Spirits and Protection - California Red Dragon Sage Smudge Sticks Bundle for Healers and Meditators - 4 Inch

A FRESH START - Feel the connection that burning dragons blood resin has to offer with Faiza Naturals Dragon Blood Sage Bundles! Let a protective atmosphere descend over your spaces and make room for the amplified healing and joy our red sage kit will bring!

STIMULATING AROMA - Protect your aura with dragons blood burn sage kit! Each red sage stick gives that genuine strong and spicy sage smell, whilst the rare Indian and Sumatran tree resin brings a sharper, more defensive scent. Cleanse your chakras with a satisfying amount of smoke.

EASY TO USE - Completely transforming the negative energy in your home has never been easier! Ideal for beginners and experienced meditators alike, our dragon's blood resin smudging kit is perfect for cleansing a new home, car, sacred space/altar, yoga studios, offices and more.

PREPARED WITH POWER - Each of our dyed white sage sticks has been thoughtfully handpicked in small, artisanal batches. The clearing sage incense sticks for cleansing are then sun-dried, hand-tied and dipped in dragons blood to strengthen purposes of healing.

RESPONSIBLE - These dragons blood sage for cleansing house negative energy bundles are all natural with no artificial scents or preservatives. Each dried red sage smudge kit for cleansing house bundle is exclusively sourced from farms focused on sustainability and ethical practices.

Increase the potency of your smudging experience with Faiza Naturals Set of 3 Dragons Blood Smudging Bundles! Faiza Naturals are an ethical natural products company that responsibly and sustainably acquires wholesome products. We use our direct ownership in California white sage farms to guarantee the highest quality outcomes. This matched with our meticulous approach to sustainable sourcing and our deep sense of ethics allows us to provide our communities with only the finest dragon blood sage smudge stick available. Bring metaphysical protection and lost love back into your spaces with our dragons blood incense sticks in a few simple steps...1. Hold your red sage at a 45-degree angle and light with a match or lighter2. Allow for a few seconds of burning before blowing out3. Waft the continuous trail of smoke through your home, recite a mantra or maintain a calm intention4. To extend the burn time, gently blow on the embers. The spiritualism of our Dragon's Blood and Native American sage bundles can be easily introduced into anyone's everyday routine for a calm and pure aura. Used for millennia throughout Native American history, the traditionally trusted dragons blood sage was initially believed to derive from the actual blood of dragons that perished in combat, hence its energy-shielding abilities. Our dragons blood smudging kit for cleansing for home makes the perfect gift for any occasion! Whether you're looking for something to give a spiritual loved one who has just started a new beginning or a friend who needs to heal, our smudging bundles show just how much you care about the lucky person in question! Faiza Naturals Dragons Blood Sage Sticks Bundle, Live Better With Nature

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FAIZA NATURALS Dragon's Blood Sage - 3 Pieces Dragons Blood Smudge Stick for Cleansing Negative Spirits & Protection - California Red Dragon Sage Smudge Sticks Bundle for Healers & Meditators - 4 Inch



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