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Deluxe Smudge Kit

Faiza Naturals

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Faiza Naturals Deluxe Smudge Kit - 4 Mixed Premium Hand Tied White Sage, 4 Palo Santo, 1 Smudging Feather & Large Abalone Shell Bowl w/ Wooden Stand - Home Cleansing Rituals Housewarming Gift Set

  • DELUXE SMUDGING KIT - Faiza Naturals smudge kit is perfect for blessing and purifying your new home. Boost your spiritual energy level and improve your mood by dispelling negative energy from any part of your house, apartment, studio or office.
  • ADDED BENEFITS - In addition to cleansing negativity and boosting energy, smudging rituals can also improve your mood by relieving day-to-day stress. Faiza Naturals smudging sets also provide uplifting aromatherapy which improves quality of sleep and strengthens cognition.
  • PREPARING FOR A SMUDGE: Carefully ignite the end of the Sage or Palo Santo and blow it out before if it catches on fire. The smolder will release beautiful aromatic smoke. Allow the smoke to travel around the designated space or object and watch it carry away the negative energy. Collect the ashes in the abalone shell and place the Sage / Palo Santo face down so it can extinguish itself.
  • ALL KITS INCLUDE: 4" hand tied and sustainably harvested mixed White Sage (x4), 4" Palo Santo stick from Peru (x4), 4" Abalone Shell (x1), Smudging Feather (x1) and Wooden Tripod Stand that holds up to 8" shells (x1).
  • FAIZA NATURALS: We believe in continuing and respecting centuries-long tradition by providing our customers with sustainably sourced products that are hand packed to ensure uncompromising quality in order to uplift their every day life.

Premium quality, hand-tied and ethically harvested Californian white sage sourced in artisanal batches! Promote great energy and positive vibes in your life with our 100% natural white California Sage kit! We offer the best prices guaranteed with exceptional quality because we operate the sage farm! Includes: -Four piece premium 4-inch sage stick -All natural and sustainably harvested Abalone Bowl (4-inch) as vessel for sage stick burning -Ethically sourced turkey feather -Natural wood stand for shell bowl Made in India -4 Palo Santo stick from Peru for energy clearing (gathered from naturally fallen trees, never chopped down).

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